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Barton Property Inspections provides comprehensive property inspections for home buyers and sellers in Aurora and surrounding areas of Colorado. We are fully AHIT certified and insured to provide you with the best property inspections in the area. Our number one objective is to help our buyers make informed buying decisions on their next property. For more information or to schedule a property inspection, give us a call today!

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The professionals at Barton Property Inspections proudly serves Aurora, CO, and the surrounding cities with a wide range of top-notch property inspections services. Home inspections should be completed before your purchase or sell a home. At Barton Property Inspections, we take the time to inspect each part of your property. We check the property itself, the exterior and interior of your home. With our property inspections, you can rest easy knowing that your investment is safe.

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Each property inspection we complete is done so in the most thorough way possible. We want you to know exactly what type of home you are purchasing or if your existing home has any problems. When purchasing a property, you want to get the most for your money and to be aware of any problems. Barton Property Inspections does that for Aurora and all of Colorado.

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Barton Property Inspectors Provide Built-In Protection and Comprehensive Property Inspections. Barton Property Inspections has helped homebuyers make smarter, more informed buying decisions. We inspect properties for both homebuyers and sellers




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